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Many surgical procedures that do not require a hospital stay after the surgery are performed in Private Surgical Suite, an Ambulatory Surgery Center in Chevy Chase, MD. The center, established in 1996, is fully certified by both Medicare and the American Association for Accredited Ambulatory Surgical Facilities. This state of the art ambulatory surgical facility allows us to provide individualized care in a comfortable and private setting.  Private Surgical Suite is staffed by highly trained medical professionals and offers a private room to recover with your family after surgery. The center also boasts a lower infection rate than the hospital. Please call our office and speak with Peter with any questions about surgery at Private Surgical Suite.

Elizabeth Donovan, PA-C and Mindy Hong, PA-C are nationally certified and highly experienced physician assistants who are actively involved in the care of the patients at this center, and assist with all the surgical procedures. Each of them has worked at this center for over 15 years.


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