Colon and Rectum
Colon and Rectum

Dr. Kalan received his specialized colorectal training in England, UK, in 1992-93. He is a recognized expert in this field and has a robust colorectal practice,  dealing with colorectal problems of all magnitude and complexity. A large percentage of his colorectal procedures are done, using laparoscopic techniques.  These minimally invasive techniques are offered to patients with both benign and malignant colorectal diseases. Patients who qualify for such procedures, can expect to have varying segments of diseased colon or rectum removed through smaller incisions, resulting in less pain postoperatively, lower wound infection rates and quicker overall recovery, without compromising established oncological principles of surgical resection. As a result of advances in surgical techniques and chemo-radiation protocols, many patients can now have colo-rectal resection, without the need for a permanent colostomy.



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